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Work-from-Home Solutions

Putting productivity first in the hybrid workplace

In the hybrid workplace, with more and more employees now dividing their time between home and office or even working from home full-time, ensuring that they can communicate effectively with each other is of vital importance. Great communication is the key to collaboration, productivity and innovation, since it helps employees feel connected and engaged with their work and their colleagues.

Working from home can offer many benefits, such as flexibility, autonomy and comfort. However, successful remote working also requires employees to have the right equipment to communicate with their team and manager, which typically consists of a hands-free speakerphone or a desktop business phone and a high-quality camera. This hardware needs to be straightforward to install and easy for IT teams to manage and monitor from any location.

To ensure high employee performance, satisfaction and well-being in the hybrid workplace, it is therefore vital to choose the right devices.

Cost-effective audio and video solutions for today’s remote workers

Staying Connected in the Virtual Office

Our work-from-home offering puts the unique needs of today’s remote employees squarely center stage, delivering unbeatable audio and video quality that captures every detail and ensures that business meetings always flow seamlessly from start to finish.

Be Seen and Heard Wherever You Are

A typical work-from-home setup can include either a hands-free speakerphone or a desktop business phone, with the option to add a headset when necessary. And because integrated laptop cameras don’t always deliver the best results, a compact, high-quality video camera easily mounted on the home user’s screen can keep everyone in the picture.

Easy Device Management from Anywhere

In the hybrid workplace, already busy IT departments can find themselves stretched even further trying to stay on top of a huge number of geographically dispersed devices. That’s why we created the AudioCodes Device Manager, so that all remote devices can now be monitored and managed from a central location.

Room Characteristics

Room size: Fits any desktop environment | Connectivity: Works with wired or Wi-Fi connectivity

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