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Room Experience (RX) Suite

RXVCam50L / RXVCam50M Video Camera

RXVCam50L / RXVCam50M Video Camera
Powerful video cameras with excellent image clarity designed for any sized meeting rooms or conference rooms.
RXVCam50L / RXVCam50M Video Camera
  • Vivid image quality
  • Smart zoom and face detection
  • Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other UC platforms
  • Easy to install and operate


The AudioCodes RXVCam50L and RXVCam50M video cameras are designed for all types of meeting rooms and conference rooms. They boast vivid image quality, leveraging HD 4K resolution for an exceptional video conferencing experience. Smart zoom and face detection technology combine to power an auto framing feature that automatically adjusts the camera’s ePTZ (electronic pan, tilt and zoom), so that every meeting participant can be clearly seen – all with no user intervention required whatsoever.

The RXVCam50L is ideal for large meeting rooms with a narrow field of view (FOV), while the RXVCam50M is intended for small to medium rooms with a wide FOV.

The RXVCam50L and the RXVCam50M are integral elements of the AudioCodes RXV100 Room Experience suite, an exclusive range of audio and video devices creating a complete and customized meeting room solution. Both models are compatible with leading unified communications platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms. They are super-quick to install via USB and very easy to operate.

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  • HD 4K video at 30fps
  • Powerful face detection capabilities
  • 10x digital zoom for focusing and zooming in on distant users and objects
  • Compact and lightweight with smart mounting for fast and easy deployment
  • Managed by AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center (OVOC)


  • Excellent image clarity for productive workplace collaboration
  • Effective in all lighting conditions
  • Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other UC platforms
  • Easy to install and operate in any sized meeting rooms
  • Device can be mounted on a TV or wall to capture every detail of a meeting

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