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Zoom Phone Local Survivability (ZPLS)

Keep your core phone functionality up and running during WAN outage

  • Quick and automatic failover process
  • Ensure continuous PSTN connectivity
  • Maintain seamless communication between ZPLS enabled sites
  • Supports key Zoom calling features during failure


Zoom Phone Local Survivability (ZPLS) enables branch-level resiliency for large-scale organizations like retailers, schools and universities that require ongoing and reliable connectivity.

ZPLS enables Zoom Phone applications and Zoom-certified devices to register to the corresponding ZPLS module when cloud connectivity is down, as well as between other ZPLS enabled sites, to keep the core phone functionality active. Once cloud connectivity has been restored, the devices re-register to the Zoom servers automatically.

The AudioCodes appliance for ZPLS includes a server running the ZPLS and SBC and/or gateway for PSTN breakout, making the deployment and operation of ZPLS simple and hassle-free.


  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Seamless automatic failover and fallback process
  • Maintain inbound and outbound PSTN calls (requires direct PSTN connectivity)
  • Keep on delivering mission-critical services to your clients


  • Maintains the core voice communications functionality
  • Allows ongoing phone connectivity between ZPLS-enabled sites
  • Automatic failover process with minimal down time
  • PSTN connectivity via AudioCodes SBCs
  • One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) simplifies the management of the AudioCodes ZPLS appliance as well as the management of other SBCs and gateways in the customer’s environment

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