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Advanced Call Routing

A centralized call routing solution

  • Network-aware voice network optimization
  • Flexible solution to meet agile business needs
  • Enable seamless call routing
  • Build multi-cloud, multi-vendor networks


One of the major benefits of the AudioCodes Software-Defined Voice Network (SDvN) architecture is the ability to optimize voice network performance without having to make radical changes to the network’s underlying infrastructure. By decoupling the voice network infrastructure from the network control layer, IT administrators in large enterprises can centralize management of their entire voice network’s dial plan and call routing policies from one central location.

AudioCodes offers a centralized call routing solution (AudioCodes Routing Manager) that forms the network-aware brains of the enterprise voice network, simplifying call routing regardless of the equipment vendors or technology involved. ARM offers powerful routing capabilities based on a wide range of criteria (including least-cost, quality, time of day, individual or groups of users), which can be extended through integration with 3rd-party applications such as call screening. This results in an agile, flexible voice infrastructure that allows enterprises to build multi-vendor, multi-cloud voice networks while protecting existing investments.


  • Network-aware voice network optimization
  • Flexible solution to meet agile business needs
  • Enables seamless call routing regardless of equipment vendor or platform
  • Simplifies the operation of multi-cloud, multi-vendor networks
  • Paves the way for a smooth migration to global UC solutions


  • Wide range of call routing criteria: Least cost (LCR), Quality, Time of day, Users or groups, Network resources and interfaces
  • Enables flexible load balancing
  • REST API enables integration with 3rd-party systems

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