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What is Click-to-Call?

Click-to-call is a convenient telecommunications solution that enables users to initiate phone calls with a simple click on a website, application or digital interface. This user-friendly feature streamlines communication between customers and businesses, enhancing engagement and accessibility.

A click-to-call service is a business communication tool that enables phone calls through a VoIP connection. Other names for click-to-call include click-to-dial, one-click calling, click-to-talk and click-calling.

Click-to-Call Service Benefits

Adding click-to-call to your website has many benefits, including:

  • Speeds up workflow – a hassle-free approach for customers to quickly access a company representative with browsing history.
  • Encourages web visitors to interact with your business – allow potential customers to easily connect with your company.
  • Improves conversion rates – give your team the right tools to engage customers over the phone, which increases customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience and Click-to-Call

Adding a click-to-call button in strategic places on your website lets customers contact agents with the least amount of effort. By implementing click-to-call, businesses can experience enhanced customer service benefits across key areas, including improved lead generation, prompt customer service, overall increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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