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AudioCodes and Xener Systems Partner to Deliver NGN Solutions

Nov 15, 2006

Lod, Israel – November 15, 2006 - AudioCodes (NASDAQ:AUDC), a leading provider of Voice over Packet (VoP) technologies and Voice Network products, and Xener Systems, Inc., a leader in Next Generation Networks (NGN) and packet-based convergence network technology, today announced an alliance to collaborate on the sales and marketing of their integrated NGN solutions.

The scope of the alliance will include cooperative marketing to customers and channels in Asia Pacific, along with joint sales efforts. This initiative builds on the strength of an existing relationship and live network deployments between Xener Systems and Nuera Communications, recently acquired by AudioCodes.

AudioCodes and Xener Systems intend to reinforce sales in the Asia Pacific NGN market by combining Xener Systems’ softswitch and application servers with AudioCodes’ Voice over IP (VoIP) Core Network media gateways, media servers and Session Border Controllers (SBC), as well as CPE gateways.

Products and services resulting from the alliance will be distributed in Asia Pacific, utilizing AudioCodes’ sales presence in conjunction with Xener Systems’ Korean headquarters and Malaysian branch office, a subsidiary of Xener Systems that offers telecommunication consulting services.

“AudioCodes has an extensive and successful history in providing Converged IP Communication network elements,” stated Yong-Gu Kang, CEO of Xener Systems. “We believe that combining these elements with our mature call control, scalable softswitch architecture and advanced capabilities will result in powerful NGN solutions for the Asia Pacific territory.”

“Xener Systems is a leading softswitch vendor in the Korean market, with successful delivery of VoIP network deployments,” stated Yehuda Hershkovits, Vice President, Systems Group at AudioCodes. “We are pleased to team up with a strong and innovative partner such as Xener Systems and look forward to further joint projects.”

AudioCodes Products:

Mediant™: Intelligent, converged IMS core network Media Gateways enabling connectivity of various access networks to the PSTN. The Mediant™ supports the variety of required IMS H.248 3GPP Mn packages and a large variety of vocoders and signaling variants associated with wireline, wireless, cable and broadband networks. In addition, the Mediant Gateways support 3GPP Voice Call Continuity (VCC) for Mobility Management and Fixed Mobile Convergence as well as Transcoding functionality to support Transcoding Gateway functions required between two IP networks.

IPmedia™: Intelligent, converged IMS core network Media Resource Function Platforms (MRFP) enabling IMS services, such as Audio and Video Conferencing, Messaging, Streaming, Gaming and Colored Ring Back Tones. The IPmedia™ media servers support a variety of vocoders and video codecs and IMS H.248 3GPP Mp packages, to address the variety of access IP networks the IMS core might serve.  In addition, optional SIP media control package support allows for direct integration with IMS Application Servers for quick service introductions.

MediaPack™:  Flexible, converged analog Media Gateways supporting 2-24 analog lines as well as 1-4 BRI lines with a variety of vocoders. Built-in SIP capabilities enable seamless integration of Customer Premise Equipment into the core network using TISPAN Mw interfaces, enabling simple and effective service provisioning at the network edge.

nCite™: AudioCodes’ Session Border Controllers (SBC) and Security Gateways (SecGW) provide critical control functions that enable high quality interactive communications-voice, video and multimedia sessions-across IP network borders. AudioCodes’ SBCs and SecGWs support the 3GPP IMS and ETSI TISPAN architectures, converging the Packet Data Gateway (PDG), P-CSCF, and the BGF (Border Gateway function) into a single platform to provide operational efficiencies, reduce service entry points for security and ease of subscriber management, and offload process-intensive tasks from the core network infrastructure to enable service scalability and increase network security.

About Xener Systems:
Xener Systems’ industry-leading Softswitch (X-SSW) provides efficient communications internally controlling third-party platforms and interfacing with other softswitch networks, leveraging industry-standard VoIP protocols such as SIP, SIP-T, H.323, MGCP/H.248 and more. Moreover, the X-SSW integrates seamlessly with legacy IN (Intelligent Network) services and applications, providing built-in IN CS2 based SSF technology to support interfaces with SS7, SCP, PSTN and PLMN networks using SIGTRAN.

Xener Systems is about Next Generation Networks and delivers top-of-the-class IP based service platforms and service solutions for NGN. Since its inception in February 2000, Xener has established itself as one of the leading groups in NGN, packet-based convergence network technology.

Ushering in a new era of NGN, Xener’s solution range from carrier-grade softswitch and service platforms to enterprise IP PBX that have been tested, deployed and successfully proven on large-scale commercial networks like KT, SK Telecom, Hangar Telecom, SK Telling, KTF, LG Telecom, offering carrier-grade reliability and scalability to incumbent carrier networks, data service networks and enterprises. Xener has provided StarHub, Telekom Malaysia, Inmost and many others with its NGN solutions. Recently, Xener established its South East Asia subsidiary to expand market opportunities. 

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