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AudioCodes Joins with QUALCOMM to Demonstrate VoIP over CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev. A at CTIA

Apr 07, 2006

Lod, Israel, April 7, 2006 - AudioCodes (NASDAQ: AUDC), a leading provider of Voice over Packet (VoP) technologies and Voice Network products, today announced their collaboration with QUALCOMM® in demonstrating a solution for end-to-end VoIP over CDMA2000® 1xEV-DO Rev. A technology during CTIA Wireless 2006.

The companies are demonstrating a complete solution for VoIP calls using EV-DO Rev. A. By modifying the AudioCodes’ Mediant media gateway product line, AudioCodes now supports the VoIP Enhanced Variable Rate Coder (EVRC) codec, developed by QUALCOMM.  This enables VoIP handsets to communicate transparently over EV-DO Rev. A networks to AudioCodes’ media gateways, allowing VoIP calls between legacy access subscribers and EV-DO Rev. A subscribers. Smart Blanking technology is a way to achieve Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) in packet-based communications which results in increased capacity and greater efficiency in the network.  These EV-DO Rev. A-based technology advancements combined with AudioCodes’ Media Gateways will allow operators to benefit from an extended network capacity, high voice quality and a vast array of VoIP applications.

 “AudioCodes has a long history in providing IP media gateway solutions and they were able to rapidly implement a VoIP enhanced solution for us to interoperate with our system,” said Haleh Partow, Vice President of Technical Marketing for QUALCOMM.  “AudioCodes’ media gateway solutions are ready to terminate VoIP traffic over EV-DO Rev. A networks and provide the many benefits of using EV-DO Rev. A technology.”

 “AudioCodes, a leader in the VoIP industry believes that EV-DO Rev. A is an excellent option for wireless VoIP and demonstrates the highest level of benefits,” stated Lior Aldema, Vice President of Marketing at AudioCodes. “We are pleased to work with QUALCOMM for this demonstration and believe that this accomplishment validates advanced VoIP over EV-DO Rev. A networks.”

AudioCodes’ Mediant™ family of media gateways are designed as IP-based media processing systems to support Voice over IP (VoIP), as well as Cellular over IP applications. Utilizing Megaco, MGCP or SIP standards-based control signaling, the Mediant media gateways can be easily integrated and deployed into best-of-breed cellular networks. Additionally, the Mediant media gateways also support other access networks, including wireline VoIP, UMTS, GSM and cable, making AudioCodes’ Mediant media gateways an excellent choice to fulfill the current and future needs of the CDMA-based IMS core network. The Mediant family of media gateways can scale from 48 in a 1U and up to 36,000 EVRC channels in a 7’ Telco rack. 

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