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AudioCodes Mediant™ Gateway Achieves Outstanding Voice Quality Results at European Telecommunication Standards Institute Event

Jan 24, 2005

Lod Israel, January 24, 2005 AudioCodes (NASDAQ: AUDC), a leading provider of Voice over
Packet (VoP) technologies and Voice Network products, announced today that the AudioCodes
Mediant 2000 Media Gateway achieved outstanding voice quality results in the third Speech
Quality Test Event held by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in June and September, 2004. Out of all VoIP gateways submitted for testing by the ten vendors that participated in the event, AudioCodes Mediant 2000 was the single product that passed and exceeded the requirements in all test categories.
The aim of the third ETSI VoIP Speech Quality Test Event was for manufacturers of VoIP gateways to have their equipment tested under controlled IP network conditions including end-to-end as well as
mouth-to-ear scenarios and to measure, analyze and compare speech quality parameters, creating a
benchmark comparison of the competing products. Voice Quality has always been the cornerstone of our VoIP enabling technology and networking
products. Achieving excellent results in the very important ETSI VoIP Speech Quality Test Event is
yet another demonstration of our commitment to technology excellence, said Shabtai Adlersberg, President and CEO of AudioCodes. Voice quality continues to be one of the key factors to successful penetration of VoIP in the telecom marketplace. Voice quality is essential for VoIP to continue expanding and being deployed in the most demanding networks. Achieving the highest levels of voice quality requires technical expertise, commitment to quality, and also a critical mass of field deployments in many diverse conditions, networks and regions, said Jeremy Duke, President and CEO of Synergy Research. In the ETSI test, AudioCodes proved it had the skill, quality commitment and VoIP field proven experience to achieve the leading voice quality offering. AudioCodes customers and the industry will benefit from this achievement. The Mediant 2000 VoIP Gateway is the cost-effective, entry-level member in the AudioCodes family of market-ready, standards-compliant, media gateway products. Intelligently packaged in a stackable 1U chassis, the Mediant 2000 supports 1 to 16 E1/T1/J1 spans and is specially designed as a CPE or low density media gateway for small carrier network POPs. The Mediant 2000 is based on the TP-1610 VoIP Media Gateway cPCI blade, the main building block of AudioCodes Digital (Mediant) Media Gateways and Media Servers (IPmedia). VoIPerfect is the underlying, core media gateway architecture for the afore-mentioned AudioCodes products, as well as all of AudioCodes product lines ranging from the chip level, through PMC modules and PCI/cPCI blades, to high-availability and non-high-availability analog and digital media gateway platforms. 
The formal ETSI summary of AudioCodes Mediant 2000 results is available for download via the following link:
The full results of the event were published in the ETSI report ETSI 3rd Speech Quality Test Event Anonymized Test Report Gateways and are available for download at: (Go to: Reports Gateways, at the bottom of this link)

The ETSI events were held at the HEAD acoustics test labs in Herzogenrath, Germany in July and in Brighton, Michigan USA in September. Some examples of the tests completed included:
• Coder voice quality test (PESQ) under different packet loss rates and jitter conditions
• Detailed analysis of PLC (packet loss concealment) and jitter buffer implementations
• Quality of background noise transmission, e.g. VAD and comfort noise implementations using
different kinds of background noises
• Echo canceller performance during double talk, single talk and background noise

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ETSI - the European Telecommunications Standards Institute - is officially responsible for standardization in telecommunications, broadcasting and certain aspects of information technology within Europe. It produces a wide range of standards and other technical documentation as Europe’s contribution to world-wide standardization. A non-profit making organization based in Sophia Antipolis, France, ETSI unites nearly 700 members from more than 50 countries inside and outside Europe, and brings together manufacturers, network operators, administrations, service providers, research bodies and users - in fact, all the key players in the ICT arena. For more information refer to:

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