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BridgePort Networks to interoperate with AudioCodes Media Gateways for MobileVoIP Convergence within IBM eServer BladeCenters

Feb 11, 2011

Lod, Israel–, Feb. 11, 2005 – AudioCodes (NASDAQ: AUDC), a leading provider of Voice over Packet (VoP) technologies and Voice Network products today announced that its converged TrunkPack™ media gateway boards and Mediant™ standalone VoIP media gateways have been tested to interoperate with BridgePort Networks’ NomadicONE Network Convergence Gateway when the products are deployed together with IBM’s eServer BladeCenter. AudioCodes’ TrunkPack media gateway boards are integrated into an all-in-one solution based on the IBM Blade Server. AudioCodes’ Mediant standalone converged media gateways provide for distributed switching when required.

BridgePort Networks enables MobileVoIP convergence through its open standards based
NomadicONE Network Convergence Gateway (NCG). The NCG bridges signaling, call control and authentication between the SIP based VoIP world and the SS7 based core mobile network, cost effectively delivering mobile services over VoIP networks and VoIP calls to mobile phones.

AudioCodes also announced that it has joined IBM and other leading vendors as a member of
BridgePort Networks’ MobileIGNITE Alliance – an open ecosystem of partners dedicated to SIP, SS7 and IMS standards for MobileVoIP Convergence that are committed to interoperable go-to-market solutions for service providers.

“BridgePort Networks’ software runs in the core of the service provider’s network and can bridge mobile services to wireless and wired broadband networks allowing cellular operators to extend their services over low cost access networks to residential, corporate and hotspot locations,” said Sanjay Jhawar, senior vice president of Marketing and Business Development at BridgePort Networks. “Interoperating with AudioCodes’ SIP controllable converged VoIP media gateways enable us to offer our customers advanced cellular (GSM and CDMA) and VoIP media gateway functionality in a singlechassis, with superb voice quality.”
"This Next Generation Network solution from AudioCodes and BridgePort represents yet another example of how IBM is working with leading solution providers to bring IBM systems experience to bear on the telecommunications network market," said Jim Pertzborn, VP of Telecommunications Industry, IBM Systems & Technology Group. "The combined AutoCodes-Bridgeport solution fits well with our BladeCenter architecture, making full use of open standards, and allowing us to provide customers a compact solution that effectively addresses their Fixed Mobile Convergence market requirements."

AudioCodes’ TrunkPack™ TP260/SIP media gateway board provides for easy integration with the IBM eServer BladeCenter. The TrunkPack board within the IBM eServer BladeCenter allow for an ultra-compact carrier grade solution combining call control and media gateway switching within the same platform. AudioCodes Mediant™ 2000, Mediant™ 5000 and Mediant™ 8000 media gateways provide carrier grade remote media gateway switching. The Mediant family of standalone media gateways provide for cost effective remote switching, when network topology dictates such a solution.

“AudioCodes’ SIP-based media gateway products are able to address wireless (2G, 3G, GSM/UMTS and CDMA), wireline, cable and enterprise network requirements for signaling and vocoding in a single platform making it an ideal platform to offer within a MobileVoIP Convergence solution,” said Rich Poole, Director, Media Gateway Product Marketing. “Our experience in those multiple access networks allows us to offer a robust, feature rich, converged media gateway solution.”

About AudioCodes Featured Products
AudioCodes TrunkPack™ TP260 SIP-based PCI media gateway boards integrate easily into the IBM eServer BladeCenter and offer up to 16 E1/T1s of traffic per eServer Blade module using 2 TP260s per module. The TP260/SIP provides all the necessary media gateway functions within a cost effective, reduced footprint.

AudioCodes Mediant™ VoIP Gateways for Fixed Mobile Convergence networks deliver the solutions carriers need with a comprehensive line of different sized standalone gateways.

The Mediant™ 5000 and 8000 Media Gateways are the medium- & large-scale members of the AudioCodes’ family of market-ready, standards-compliant converged media gateway products designed for the wireline, cable and wireless carrier environments. Featuring high availability and a large choice of vocoders, the Mediant 8000 supports Megaco, MGCP and TGCP call control and offers VoIP as well as cellular vocoders.

The Mediant™ 2000 VoIP Gateway is the cost-effective, entry-level member in the AudioCodes family of market-ready, standards-compliant, media gateway voice products. Intelligently packaged in a stackable 1U chassis especially designed as CPE and for smaller locations in the carrier network market, the Mediant 2000 is the right-sized solution for small-scale (1 to 16 E1/T1s) needs.

The AudioCodes’ Element Management System (EMS) is an advanced solution for standards-based management of VoP networks, covering all the areas vital to the efficient operation, administration, management, and provisioning (OAM&P) of the Mediant™, Stretto™, and MediaPack™ Series Analog VoIP Gateways.

About BridgePort Networks™
BridgePort Networks™ is the leader in MobileVoIP convergence -- combining the personalization and mobility of mobile phone services with the flexibility, innovation and outstanding cost economics of the rapidly growing VolP sector. The core product, the NomadicONE™ Network Convergence Gateway (NCG), uses roaming technology to extend single identity phone number services over multiple access networks, including: mobile, cable, DSL and WiFi. The NomadicONE NCG is a key component of an open standards partner ecosystem, MobileIGNITE™ that comprises end-to-end solutions that improve the quality, coverage and cost of mobile service delivery and the mobility of VoIP services. BridgePort Networks is a global company, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. To learn more about BridgePort Networks visit:

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