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Google and AudioCodes Collaborate to Bring Telephony Voice Services to Google Dialogflow Virtual Agents

Apr 27, 2020


  • Google Dialogflow is an AI-powered platform for building natural and rich conversational experiences for apps and bots
  • Dialogflow virtual agents reduce the load on live agents by handling simple, repetitive tasks
  • Based on the AudioCodes Voice.AI Gateway, AudioCodes One-Click Telephony Gateway makes Dialogflow virtual agent interactions accessible via telephony
  • The solution features a user-friendly self-service portal and automatic integration with a few clicks to simplify and accelerate deployments
  • The solution adopts a simple pay-as-you-go approach with no commitments or heavy upfront costs



Lod, Israel – April 27, 2020 - AudioCodes (NASDAQ: AUDC) Press Release

AudioCodes solution enables the rapid purchase and integration of phone numbers with virtual agents developed on Google Dialogflow

AudioCodes, a leading vendor of advanced voice networking and media processing solutions for the digital workplace, today announced that it is collaborating with Google to integrate telephony voice services with virtual agents developed with the Google Dialogflow bot framework. The use of chat bots and virtual agents is increasing as contact and support centers worldwide seek ways of improving live agent productivity. They achieve this by offloading simple, repetitive tasks to bots while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction using natural language interactions powered by advanced AI technology. The AudioCodes One-Click Telephony Gateway solution, built on AudioCodes’ Voice.AI Gateway, enables Dialogflow virtual agents to become accessible via telephone calls, which are still the most natural form of customer communication with contact centers.

The AudioCodes solution includes a user-friendly self-service portal and automatic integration with a few clicks, to simplify and accelerate deployments. Customers can purchase phone numbers for their service simply via the solution’s portal. Phone numbers are currently available in the USA and the UK, with other countries to follow in the future.

The solution’s underlying media processing technology ensures high voice quality and reliability, resulting in more successful transactions and higher conversion rates.

“We are pleased to have the AudioCodes solution integrated with Dialogflow,” commented Shantanu Misra, Lead Product Manager, Dialogflow. “By seamlessly adding telephony interfaces to virtual agents developed on Dialogflow, AudioCodes One-Click Telephony Gateway solution extends the reach and value of Dialogflow virtual agents, enabling companies to cut long waiting times in busy support centers and increase productivity of live agents”

“The One-Click Telephony Gateway solution is a further example of AudioCodes’ continuous drive towards voice innovation,” said Yehuda Herscovici, Vice President, Product at AudioCodes. “Building on our market-leading SBCs and our innovative Voice.AI gateway platform, the new solution promises to offer bot developers and contact center operators a new dimension in the automation of customer interactions.”

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