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User Management Pack™ 365

User Management Pack 365
Makes Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business deployments simple.
  • One simple screen instead of complicated PowerShell scripts
  • Fully automated tasks increase your productivity
  • Streamlines your day-to-day management experience
  • Lowers the total cost of Skype for Business ownership


User Management Pack™ 365 is a powerful software application that simplifies user lifecycle and identity management across Skype for Business deployments. Sitting intuitively on top of existing Skype for Business solutions, User Management Pack™ 365 connects the enterprise environment with Microsoft Office 365 through specialized solution modules called "connectors". It empowers IT by facilitating a gradual and fully controlled migration to Cloud PBX from any existing Skype for Business deployment.

User Management Pack 365 also consolidates and enhances the user management of cloud and on-premises users into a powerful yet simple web portal. This makes your Skype for Business operation more cost-effective, by replacing the need for multiple management tools like PowerShell, Skype for Business control panel, and the need for on-staff masters.


  • Consolidates multiple tools into a single, powerful web portal with no PowerShell scripts required
  • Completely automates user lifecycle management
  • Increases productivity of IT staff
  • Lowers the TCO of Skype for Business operation
  • Reduces the necessity for advanced training courses
  • Provides clear demarcation between customer environment and Skype for Business setup


  • Simplifies the setup of hybrid voice over the Office 365 connector
  • Easy migration of users to Cloud PBX (Office 365)
  • Full control over all Skype for Business user modalities including the Office 365 Cloud PBX users
  • Improves security
  • Identity management over multiple forests


UMP 365 - User Lifecycle Management

UMP 365 - User Import from Enterprise Active Directories

UMP 365 - User Configuration Options

UMP 365 - Office 365 Connectivity Settings and User Migration to Cloud PBX

UMP 365 - Multi Level Administration

UMP 365 - Import Users Through LDAP

UMP 365 - Identity Synchronization Behind the Scenes

UMP 365 - Bulk Edit Set Call Forward Settings

UMP 365 - Device Management

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