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User Management Pack™ 365

User Management Pack 365
Makes Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business deployments simple.
  • One simple screen instead of complicated PowerShell scripts
  • Fully automated tasks increase your productivity
  • Streamlines your day-to-day management experience
  • Lowers the total cost of Skype for Business ownership


User Management Pack™ 365 is a powerful software application that simplifies user lifecycle and identity management across Skype for Business deployments. Sitting intuitively on top of existing Skype for Business solutions, User Management Pack™ 365 connects the enterprise environment with Microsoft Office 365 through specialized solution modules called "connectors". It empowers IT by facilitating a gradual and fully controlled migration to Cloud PBX from any existing Skype for Business deployment.

User Management Pack 365 also consolidates and enhances the user management of cloud and on-premises users into a powerful yet simple web portal. This makes your Skype for Business operation more cost-effective, by replacing the need for multiple management tools like PowerShell, Skype for Business control panel, and the need for on-staff masters.


  • Consolidates multiple tools into a single, powerful web portal with no PowerShell scripts required
  • Completely automates user lifecycle management
  • Increases productivity of IT staff
  • Lowers the TCO of Skype for Business operation
  • Reduces the necessity for advanced training courses
  • Provides clear demarcation between customer environment and Skype for Business setup


  • Simplifies the setup of hybrid voice over the Office 365 connector
  • Easy migration of users to Cloud PBX (Office 365)
  • Full control over all Skype for Business user modalities including the Office 365 Cloud PBX users
  • Improves security
  • Identity management over multiple forests


UMP 365 - User Lifecycle Management

This video demonstrates how to fully automate user provisioning and user lifecycle management in Skype for Business by assigning templates to security groups in the enterprise domain.

UMP 365 - User Import from Enterprise Active Directories

This video demonstrates how to enable a single user in a Skype for Business private cloud from one or more connected enterprise domains (Active Directories) via a simple import function.

UMP 365 - User Configuration Options

This video demonstrates how to manage the Telephony, Group Management, Call Forwarding, Policies and IP Phones settings for Skype for Business users from a powerful dashboard.

UMP 365 - Office 365 Connectivity Settings and User Migration to Cloud PBX

This video demonstrates how to configure a hybrid setup to manage Skype for Business users on-prem and in Office 365, migrate users to Cloud PBX, assign phone numbers, set policies, and more.

UMP 365 - Multi Level Administration

This video demonstrates how to use the role-based access control function to set up different administrator levels in User Management Pack 365.

UMP 365 - Import Users Through LDAP

This video demonstrates how to enable users in bulk for Skype for Business by using LDAP queries.

UMP 365 - Identity Synchronization Behind the Scenes

This video demonstrates the User Management Pack 365 identity and life-cycle management concept in a multi-forest environment when Skype for Business is hosted in a private cloud.

UMP 365 - Bulk Edit Set Call Forward Settings

This video demonstrates how to select Skype for Business users through a global or LDAP object search, and then to apply changes to various policies, call settings, and more.

UMP 365 - Device Management

This video demonstrates how to create and manage the registrar pool, gateway, voice policy and phone number for analog devices and common area phones in just a few clicks.

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