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Analog Gateways

Retain existing analog equipment

Automatic switching to PSTN during failure

Centralized management with OVOC

Scalable from 2 to 288 ports

Analog Gateways

Scalable and cost-effective integration of analog devices into Skype for Business environments.

  • Lifeline for emergency fallback to PSTN Lifeline for emergency fallback to PSTN
  • Survivability ensures business continuity Survivability ensures business continuity
  • Seamless integration of legacy analog devices Seamless integration of legacy analog devices
  • Highly scalable Highly scalable


The AudioCodes MediaPack series of analog media gateways are cost-effective, stand-alone VoIP devices that provide superior voice technology for connecting legacy telephones, fax machines and PBX systems to Skype for Business environments.

The MediaPack series includes the MediaPack 1xx series and the MediaPack 20x series gateways that support a wide variety of service provider and enterprise applications.


  • Uniform functionality across all scales
  • Leverage investment in existing analog telephone, modem and fax systems to ease VoIP migration
  • Centrally manageable via One Voice Operations Center


  • Scalable from 2 up to 288 ports
  • Lifeline interfaces for automatic switching to PSTN on power or network failure
  • T.38 fax compliant
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