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Delivering flexibility for multi-site Cloud Connector Edition deployments.

  • Increased flexibility for CCE deployments
  • Reduced infrastructure requirements
  • Lower communications costs with least-cost routing
  • Branch survivability ensuring uninterrupted service


AudioCodes CCE Hub is an innovative, standards-based solution designed to reduce infrastructure costs, remove complexity, and deliver outstanding voice quality in multi-site Cloud Connector Edition deployments. By leveraging Microsoft Cloud PBX’s support for centralized CCE deployment, CCE Hub adds flexibility for distributed enterprises and service providers who offer managed Skype for Business services to their business customers.

The CCE Hub solution achieves all this through a range of AudioCodes’ voice-enabling devices and software management tools, including:

  • AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM)
  • Mediant Session Border Controllers (SBC) and gateways
  • 400HD Series IP phones
  • One Voice Operations Center (OVOC)
  • MediaPack analog gateways


  • Reduced operational expenses through centralized control and management
  • Support for least cost routing to lower communications costs
  • Seamless migration to Cloud PBX while ensuring co-existence with existing systems
  • Regulatory compliance with dynamic 911 support
  • Branch survivability ensuring uninterrupted service


  • High availability at multiple levels
  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Centralized management via OVOC
  • Outstanding voice quality
  • Reduced per-site footprint

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