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Survivable Branch Appliances

High performance SIP trunk connectivity

Reduced footprint and power consumption

Branch office Skype for Business migration support

Supports emergency calling standards

Survivable Branch Appliances (SBAs)

Branch survivability product for small, medium and large remote locations.

  • Uninterrupted branch office Skype for Business calls
  • Reduce footprint and power consumption
  • Fully certified by Microsoft
  • Enhanced QoS support


For information about AudioCodes' Direct Routing Survivable Branch Appliances for Microsoft Teams, click here.

AudioCodes’ family of Survivable Branch Appliances (SBAs) is a line of enterprise-class integrated CPEs designed to ensure access to data and voice services in the event of a WAN outage. AudioCodes SBAs are an essential element in multisite Skype for Business deployments, and are fully certified by Microsoft for use with Skype for Business Server.

AudioCodes offers Survivable Branch Appliances that fit any enterprise location size, providing branch office voice resiliency — with TDM and VoIP interfaces — for up to 1000 users.


  • Ensure uninterrupted Skype for Business voice calls for branch offices
  • Reduce footprint and power consumption by hosting multiple enterprise applications on one platform
  • Enhanced QoS support for excellent user quality-of-experience


  • Reliable and high performance SIP trunk connectivity
  • Open server platform for hosting additional value-added services and applications
  • Modular addition of transcoding resources
  • Skype for Business migration support for branch offices with advanced call routing capabilities, such as Call Forking and Active Directory look-up
  • Supports emergency calling standards, including E911 and Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN)

AudioCodes Mediant SBA Comparison Table

Model Max. Skype for Business Users Max. TDM Channel Capacity Max. SBC Sessions Can Host Additional Business Apps (SBA v2) LAN Interfaces

Mediant 800 SBA

250 60 250 4 x GE

Mediant 1000B SBA

1000 192 150 6 x 10/100 Base-TX

Mediant 2600B SBA

1000 - 600 4 x GE

SBA Product Family

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