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Microsoft-qualified gateways and SBCs

Supports MWI

Full UM feature parity

PBX and IP-PBX connectivity

AudioCodes X-UM

A simplified way to interface with Microsoft Exchange UM Online services.

  • All-in-one Skype for Business appliance for quick installation
  • Easily interfaces with Exchange UM Online
  • Simplified setup and day-to-day management
  • Safe and secure connection


Making educated decisions in times of transition

On February 28, 2018, Microsoft announced a change in course related to their recommendation for connection to Exchange Online Unified Messaging after July 2018. Read their original post here and their new post here. AudioCodes X-UM solution is designed to deliver connectivity to Exchange UM online services, and address options 2 and 3 in the Microsoft recommendations. 

We recommend that customers thoroughly validate their strategy moving forward for Microsoft Exchange UM online services with AudioCodes X-UM.

AudioCodes X-UM is a family of advanced solutions providing simplified connectivity with Microsoft Exchange UM Online for any type of PBX or IP‑PBX.

AudioCodes X-UM includes a full Skype for Business unified communications deployment (when necessary), along with a specialized UCMA connector and synchronization tools designed to maintain your existing connection to Exchange Online Unified Messaging.

X-UM solutions are easy to install and efficient to operate. They support both legacy telephony and VoIP interfaces, and can also be obtained in high availability configurations.


  • Accelerated deployment with an innovative wizard
  • Full UM feature parity
  • Simplified management as an appliance instead of various server roles
  • Secure and robust
  • Integrated with more than 50 PBX vendors and variants


  • Microsoft-qualified gateway and SBC platforms
  • UCMA connector
  • PBX, IP-PBX and PSTN connectivity and HA configuration
  • Connectivity options include SIP, E1/T1 with QSIG, E1/T1 with CAS (SMDI/DTMF/etc), ISDN BRI, and analog with SMDI/DTMF

X-UM Solution Types

Model Use With Capacity Platform PBX/Telephony Interfaces High Availability (Optional)

X-UM Connector

Skype for Business Server Up to 5000 voicemail boxes Software SIP

X-UM Standard

Legacy PBX/IP-PBX Up to 5000 voicemail boxes Mediant 800 with OSN server SIP, E1/T1 with QSIG, E1/T1 with CAS (SMDI/DTMF), ISDN BRI, analog with SMDI/DTMF

X-UM Connector Pool

Skype for Business Server Multiples of 5000 according to the number of instances Software SIP

X-UM Deployment Options

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