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Room Experience (RX) Suite

Meeting Insights

Meeting Insights
An enterprise solution designed specifically for the meeting-technology world.
Meeting Insights
  • Forms a complete meeting productivity solution with AudioCodes RX suite devices
  • Retain, organize and share ideas, actions and opinions from any meeting
  • Capture meeting information from multiple sources including in-room & remote participants
  • AI-based meeting content exploration, fetching and searchability


In conjunction with the AudioCodes RX suite’s meeting devices, Meeting Insights delivers a complete meeting solution that ensures that conference calls and meetings always deliver maximum productivity. Leveraging AudioCodes’ vast voice expertise and state-of-the-art Voice.AI technology, Meeting Insights easily captures and organizes all meeting-generated content from team collaboration and training sessions to sales and recruitment calls.

Meeting Insights captures information from multiple sources, both in-room and remote participants, as well as visual content presented. With next-generation Voice.AI features such as Speech-to-Text (STT) and Keyword Spotting (KWS) Meeting Insights will quickly become your ultimate intelligent, centralized company meeting platform.

Meeting Insights is part of the AudioCodes Room Experience (RX) suite of devices and solutions designed to deliver a superior meeting room experience, with excellent voice quality, ease of use and full integration with IT management tools.


  • Easily capture & retain meeting content
  • Make meeting content easily reachable and searchable using Voice.AI technology
  • Mark key moments with built-in tagging and automatic keyword detection
  • Save time by navigating to relevant sections in the meeting by voice tags or visually
  • Easily share & distribute meeting content company-wide
  • Deliver a complete meeting productivity solution in conjunction with AudioCodes RX suite devices

Technical Highlights

  • Speech-to-text, Keyword Spotting and technologies to automatically tag and organize meeting content
  • Voice-driven automatic logging of action items during the meeting
  • Browser & mobile web app for managing meeting recording
  • Built-in editing, sharing and user email notifications
  • Supports recording of in-room or remote participants via meeting bridge
  • Securely deployed and integrated with Skype for Business On-Prem

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