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Room Experience (RX) Suite

RXV200 Android MTR Bundles

RXV200 Bundles
RXV200 bundles provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for every room layout and allow easy meeting room component upgrades.
RXV200 Bundles

Android MTR Bundles for True Hybrid Productivity

The enterprise workspace and meeting space have changed dramatically over the past decade. Virtually all our communication today is hybrid, involving both on-site participants gathered in one or more meeting rooms and online participants located in their home offices or on the go.

Modern meeting devices must be adaptable enough to accommodate any room size or shape, while minimizing the number of table-mounted accessories and devices apart from essentials like a microphone and a meeting room controller such as the AudioCodes RX-PAD. With this in mind, AudioCodes has created a range of RXV200 bundles which function as Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android devices.

The core of the RXV200 Android MTR bundles solution is a powerful compute unit with the ability to connect multiple audio and video peripherals as well as dual screens, and support for a wide range of AI capabilities. The RX-PAD Meeting Room Controller allows users to seamlessly orchestrate productive of meeting experiences.

AudioCodes provides two comprehensive bundles:

For those users that wish to retain their existing A/V devices, the RXV200-B05 basic bundle allows them to enjoy an MTR experience without investing in a full migration.

Using AudioCodes' One Voice Operations Center (OVOC), IT departments can easily monitor and manage all bundle devices from a centralized location.

RXV200 Android MTR Bundle Highlights

  • Powerful compute unit with advanced AI capabilities
  • Dual screen support
  • Fully controllable by the RX-PAD center-of-room intelligent touch controller
  • The RX-PAD includes proximity sensor for activating the system and welcoming users
  • A modular design to connect any current and future peripherals such as the RXVCAM10-CC content camera
  • Superb video quality provided by AudioCodes’s RXVCam50M camera (HD, 4K, auto framing, EPTZ)
  • Hear and be heard with crystal-clear sound using the RX40 sound bar or RX15 speakerphone
  • HDMI-In enables participants to share their desktop content during a meeting via a simple cable connection
  • Multiple device support for mix-and-match adaptability
  • Reliable Android compute unit for every room configuration
  • Simple deployment and management
  • Cost-effective and value for money

RXV200-B40 Bundle for Medium/Large Rooms

Participants: Up to 16

The RXV200-B40 bundle with its HD wide-angle camera and a powerful Audio Bar with two 10W speakers and satellite microphones is ideal for medium and large rooms.

Bundle includes:

Additional options:

  • Productivity: Meeting Insights 
  • Monitoring and Management: One Voice Operations Center (OVOC)

RXV200-B20 Bundle for Small Room

Participants: Up to 10

The RXV200-B20 bundle with its HD wide-angle camera and table-mounted speaker is ideal for small rooms.

Bundle includes:

Additional options:

  • Productivity: Meeting Insights 
  • Monitoring and Management: One Voice Operations Center (OVOC)

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