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AudioCodes Live Platform - Interaction Recording

Next-gen, enterprise-grade Teams call recording delivered securely from the cloud

Powerful compliance recording and retrieval with flexible storage options

AudioCodes Interaction Recording is a next-generation, cloud-based SaaS solution for recording calls in Microsoft Teams environments. Ideal for use cases such as regulatory compliance, quality assurance, malicious call handling, and convenience recording our Interaction Recording service is simple to deploy and manage. Delivered as a service from the AudioCodes Live Platform, Interaction Recording’s ease of use and cost-effective pricing plans make it suitable for a broad range of industries including finance, government, healthcare and energy.

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AudioCodes Interaction Recording Use Cases

With its simple operation, secure and scalable storage and flexible pricing, AudioCodes Interaction Recording provides a flexible solution for virtually all organizational recording needs in a broad range of industries.


Ideal for regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, government

Quality Assurance

Keep track of agent performance for improved customer service

Malicious Call Handling

Identify and monitor fraudulent activities

Convenience Recording

Activate call recording on demand for a variety of scenarios

Get the Most from Your Interaction Recordings

Our Interaction Recording service is an intelligent, cloud-based recording solution for all Microsoft Teams voice interactions. Designed for maximum deployment flexibility and scalability, the service makes it easy for companies to capture all interactions, index and tag recordings and retrieve and analyze them effortlessly.

Easy to Operate and Maintain Compliance

Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive management interface, AudioCodes Interaction Recording is simple to operate while maintaining strict security and data access standards. Extensive role-based permissions and access control ensure that recorded data is only accessible to authorized personnel. The service provides customers with features assisting them to achieve compliance with regulations such as MiFID II, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and E-Discovery.

Flexible Pricing Models to Suit Your Needs

AudioCodes offers two pricing models to suit customers’ varying needs. In both cases all voice interactions are recorded and stored securely in the cloud.

For customers requiring secure recording capabilities with up to 24-month data retention, we offer the Essential package. If you need unlimited retention and geo-redundancy on the recorded files and recording function utilizing double recording, then we have the Pro package which also covers your disaster recovery needs. Both packages support “bring your own storage” for customers that prefer using their own blob storage. Full details are provided in the table below.



  • Recording of all voice interactions
  • Hosted in AudioCodes secure cloud
  • Data retention: Up to 24 months*
  • Separate storage and database
  • Bring Your Own Storage (Optional)
*Unlimited retention available at additional cost


Includes all Essentials features, plus:

  • Double recording for high availability
  • Data retention: unlimited
  • Geo-redundancy & disaster recovery

Powerful Feature Set

Simple and intuitive web-based UI and embedded Teams app

Role/permission-based access control

Full time recording

Flexible retention policies (recording live-time)

Encryption at rest and transit

Call-tagging & noting – add user definable tags to call metadata

AAD mapping/authentication

User single sign-on

Flexible media storage locations (BYOS)

Audit trail – logging of all user activities

Export call records and audit trail reports

Certification for Teams in progress

Delivered from Our Secure, Reliable SaaS Live Platform

AudioCodes Interaction Recording is provided via our cloud-based, SaaS Live Platform service delivery infrastructure that allows partners to offer the service, along with a range of essential calling and contact center services, simultaneously to hundreds of customers securely and reliably.

Live Platform offers rapid onboarding of new customers, flexible reporting, strict security mechanisms and high service availability. Each customer gets their own separate storage and database, with the option of regional data localization to meet compliance requirements. Customers can also bring their own storage (“bring your own blob”) from their Azure subscription for their media files.

Suitable for a range of industries

AudioCodes Interaction Recording service helps to keep organizations compliant with their specific regulatory requirements as well as helping them improve customer service and monitor calls for fraud and malicious behavior.

Financial Services

Navigate voice infrastructure and compliance challenges

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State and Local Government

Tailored solutions for seamless voice connectivity

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Improve voice connectivity and customer experience

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