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Aqua Pharma

Productivity-boosting Microsoft Teams video conferencing with Microsoft-certified devices from AudioCodes


Aqua Pharma designs and develops disease prevention and control systems for a diverse range of aquaculture segments, with a strong focus on minimizing environmental impact and maximizing animal welfare. In this way, the company contributes to the successful scaling of sustainably managed fish and shrimp through the promotion of responsible aquaculture practices. Aqua Pharma operates in eight countries: Norway, Scotland, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Chile, the USA and Indonesia.

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Aqua Pharma’s office in Puerto Montt, Chile, wanted to find a way for its employees to conduct effective video conference calls via Microsoft Teams with service directors based in the USA and with members of staff located in other branches around the world. Prior to embarking on this project, Aqua Pharma did not have any other video conferencing equipment installed at this branch.

The ideal solution for Aqua Pharma would need to ensure a reliable meeting room experience for all participants, with excellent voice pickup and expanded video coverage, and include media sharing functionality. It would also have to be fully compatible with Microsoft Teams, the company’s unified communications platform of choice.

On top of these technical requirements, Aqua Pharma was also operating on an extremely tight timeline in terms of delivery, installation and end-user training, which the selected vendor would be required to follow.

  • Ensure effective video conference calls via Microsoft Teams with colleagues and customers worldwide

  • Provide a reliable meeting room experience with powerful voice pickup and expanded video coverage

  • Meet a very tight timeline for delivery, installation and end-user training

“Thanks to AudioCodes, our staff can be completely confident that their contributions in business meetings with colleagues and customers around the world will be seen and heard clearly at all times.”

Cesar Corona, Managing Director, Aqua Pharma (Chile)


Aqua Pharma chose the Microsoft-certified AudioCodes RXV100-B40 bundle to equip their meeting room for productive Microsoft Teams voice and video calling. This market-leading solution is comprised of the following AudioCodes products:

  • The RXV100Hub, which provides smart control, share and collaboration capabilities and a familiar Microsoft Teams experience via a 10.1” intuitive touch screen with 360° rotation.
  • The RXVCam50 video camera, which leverages HD 4K resolution for exceptionally vivid image quality in any sized meeting room.
  • The RX50 conference phone with satellite microphones, for outstanding audio quality to support traditional voice calling and video-enabled collaboration.

The implementation process for Aqua Pharma’s AudioCodes meeting room solution – carried out with the assistance of experts from Technology Bureau and GTD Group, AudioCodes’ regional partners – was swift and straightforward. It included coordinating the installation time, preconfiguring the devices with Microsoft account login credentials and video presets, and finally mounting the camera and positioning the audio devices in the most optimal locations.

Once these steps were completed, and the solution had been thoroughly tested, Aqua Pharma’s employees received comprehensive training on how to use its remarkable feature set effectively in their day-to-day work.

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By selecting the AudioCodes RXV100-B40 bundle, Aqua Pharma acquired a field-proven and cost-effective video conferencing solution backed up by superb image quality and crystal-clear sound. In addition, the superfast deployment process and the solution’s unmatched ease of use meant that Aqua Pharma’s employees were able to enjoy the considerable productivity-boosting benefits of Microsoft Teams voice and video calling without delay.

“Our new video conferencing solution is exactly what we needed to achieve an unbeatable meeting room experience for our employees based in Puerto Montt,” said Cesar Corona, Managing Director at Aqua Pharma (Chile). “Thanks to AudioCodes, our staff can be completely confident that their contributions in business meetings with colleagues and customers around the world will be seen and heard clearly at all times.”

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