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Ocular Technologies

IP phones for a customer service contact center


The end customer is one of South Africa’s leading digital entertainment media content providers. AudioCodes worked on this project in conjunction with Ocular Technologies (, a local systems integrator.

Ocular is highly adept at long-term strategic system integration and is one of AudioCodes’ primary partners in South Africa involved in the design, development, implementation and integration of leading Contact Center and Enterprise Voice solutions including Aspect Unified IP, Aspect Workforce Management, Aspect Quality Management, Altitude Software and integration with Microsoft Lync and

Highlights & Challenges

  • SIP interoperability

    Field-proven SIP interoperability ensures seamless connectivity

  • Reliability

    Reliable and feature-rich IP phones

  • Support

    High-definition voice quality support

  • High voice quality

    High definition voice quality enhanced experience

"Ocular Technologies fully endorses the AudioCodes range of products as they have demonstrated good value and interoperability in the highly competitive contact center and UC market."

Luke Behrmann, National Operations Manager at Ocular Technologies


With Ocular’s assistance, the customer evaluated a number of SIP-based IP phone models to check their suitability for its needs. At the end of the evaluation process, AudioCodes was selected as the preferred vendor after demonstrating its ability to support all of the required features in a highly cost-effective package.

"AudioCodes is renowned throughout the industry for the high voice quality, reliability and interoperability offered by its products," explained Luke Behrmann, National Operations Manager, Ocular Technologies. "Therefore, the choice of the 400HD series IP phones for our customer’s new IP contact center solution was a simple one."

The IP phone model selected for deployment was the 420HD model. The 400 series of IP phones provides full SIP support and can integrate with a wide range of IP-PBXs, softswitches and other SIP-based application servers. Thus integration with the Aspect contact center was achieved in a short period of time with minimal hassle.

The 420HD phones offer HD voice quality and a range of essential business phone features.

AudioCodes was also able to fulfill the customer’s requirement for simple, centralized provisioning thanks to its highly effective management tool. This enables the IT team to predefine a range of configuration templates. When the IP phones are first connected to the network, they automatically communicate with the provisioning server and download the relevant configuration files. This automated process removes the need for an engineer to be on-site for every IP phone installation, freeing them up for more critical tasks.

To enhance the offering, Ocular Technologies developed a bespoke application and database to manage the provisioning of all phones throughout the organization. This solution allows the customer’s administrative personnel to pre-configure replacement, new and existing devices in conjunction with the AudioCodes provisioning server. This results in easy administration as a phone is configured for the correct SIP, VLAN and discovery protocol settings as soon as it is plugged into the Ethernet network.


The combination of AudioCodes’ IP phones’ rich feature set, extensive interoperability and efficient provisioning and management has helped the customer to make a smooth transition to an IP contact center infrastructure. Commenting on the project, Luke Behrman from Ocular said, "AudioCodes’ IP phones have proved a hugely successful component of our customer’s new contact center solution.

"With AudioCodes’ centralized, automated provisioning tool, the customer was able to streamline the rollout of its agents’ desktop devices, which sped up the deployment and led to reduced costs. In addition, the phones’ reliability and high voice quality have enhanced its ability to service callers to the contact center and thereby increase customer satisfaction."

"Ocular Technologies fully endorses the AudioCodes range of products as they have demonstrated good value and interoperability in the highly competitive contact center and UC market," he concluded.

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