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Flexible, high-capacity voice connectivity for a hosted, SIP-based contact center service


Puzzel builds on over 20 years of heritage. It was one of the first pioneers to develop a cloud-based contact center. Today, Puzzel combines omni-channel technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide complete customer interaction solutions in a digital age.

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway with offices in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Bulgaria, Puzzel is passionate about delivering innovative solutions for solving customer interactions.

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With its business growing rapidly and demand exceeding the capacity of its existing communications infrastructure which was approaching end of life, Puzzel took the decision to migrate to an IP-based voice network. Such a move would generate a number of obvious benefits. In addition to forming the basis for a future-proof solution which would cover Puzzel’s traffic needs for several years to come, a well-designed IP voice network would reduce communications and maintenance costs. This, in turn, would lead to increased uptime through the network’s inherent failover and recovery features and provide a framework for the introduction of new, innovative functionality and services.

To fulfil its requirements, Puzzel needed a reliable connectivity solution that would:

  • Provide seamless connectivity with its existing voice platforms, contact center network and PSTN providers in several locations
  • Ensure dynamic and flexible call routing between a large number of IVR (interactive voice response) software modules
  • Incorporate geographical redundancy and seamless failover between sites and IVRs.


  • Smooth migration to IP-based voice infrastructure

  • Connectivity with existing platforms and public voice networks

  • Ensure redundancy and high availability

  • Enhance call routing efficiency

“The migration to an all-IP voice infrastructure based on AudioCodes’ solutions has helped us reduce maintenance and network costs, increase service availability and simplify service scalability.”

Thomas Røseth, CTO at Puzzel


After evaluating the options available to it, Puzzel selected AudioCodes to provide the solution it was looking for. With a strong presence in the Nordic region, AudioCodes was in a perfect position to provide the high levels of support and professional services that would be needed for such a complex undertaking in a timely fashion. AudioCodes proposed a holistic solution that took into account the wider picture, beyond Puzzel’s basic requirement for VoIP-based connectivity.

At the core of its voice network, Puzzel deployed AudioCodes Mediant 9000 session border controllers (SBC) to carry tens of thousands of concurrent calls securely and reliably. The SBCs were deployed with full geographic redundancy to ensure high service availability. They also offered robust security and comprehensive SIP interoperability with Puzzel’s in-house developed contact center platform, its legacy SS7 switch and external systems and networks. AudioCodes Mediant SBCs’ floating pool-based license scheme gave Puzzel additional flexibility in terms of handling fluctuating call capacity demands. Furthermore, the Mediant SBC’s built-in WebRTC gateway functionality enables Puzzel to offer advanced services such as web-based calling for remote and work-at-home call center agents without the need for additional platforms.

A critical component in ensuring the success of the project was the deployment of AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) to enable intelligent, centralized management of network elements and call routing policies across Puzzel’s entire voice network. Using ARM, Puzzel was able to achieve load balancing between its IVR servers and allow calls to be rerouted seamlessly based on operational needs, such as when a new server is introduced or when one is taken out of service for maintenance purposes. In addition, ARM enables centralized number portability management, ensuring that calls can be efficiently routed between the various telecom operators that Puzzel works with.

Puzzel also utilizes the One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) solution to enable centralized network element configuration and management, as well as real-time voice quality monitoring.

  • Mediant 9000 SBC

    AudioCodes’ highly scalable Mediant 9000 session border controllers (SBCs) are designed for deployment in large enterprise and contact center locations, and as access and peering SBCs for service provider environments.

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  • AudioCodes Routing Manager

    AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) delivers a powerful, innovative solution by enabling centralized control of all session routing decisions.

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The involvement of AudioCodes’ in-house global professional services team from initial design through deployment has ensured that Puzzel was able to achieve a smooth migration to the new IP-based voice infrastructure. Puzzel’s new solution has proven itself to be reliable and cost-effective, resulting in a high-quality experience for its global customer base.

“The migration to an all-IP voice infrastructure based on AudioCodes’ solutions has helped us reduce  maintenance and network costs, increase service availability and simplify service scalability,” said Thomas Røseth, CTO at Puzzel. “AudioCodes presented us with a comprehensive vision that ensured that the transition to IP was carried out smoothly and efficiently from the initial solution planning, right up to implementation and ongoing technical support.”


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