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Secure and reliable call recording for a Skype for Business-based contact center


Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Securitas AB is a multinational company that provides security services for homes, workplaces and public spaces. The company’s business segments are Security Services North America, Security Services Europe and Security Services Ibero-America.

In the sensitive world of security, the ability to record calls made to Securitas’s contact center was a necessity for quality assurance, dispute resolution and compliance purposes. For some years the company had been using a partially hosted recording solution provided by a local operator. However, the company’s decision to implement a company-wide migration of its telephony infrastructure to Microsoft Lync unified communications led it to investigate alternative solutions for call recording as well.

One issue was the need to find a solution that could be simply replicated at the company’s subsidiaries in Europe and across the globe. Although the local operator was the incumbent telco and a familiar brand in Sweden and elsewhere in Scandinavia, Securitas felt that they could better serve their customers, both in Scandinavia and beyond, by introducing a solution that offered global support. Furthermore, Securitas needed a solution that would offer full support for Microsoft Skype for Business and be open for customization and specialized development.

“We needed an efficient call recording solution that would enable us to record any calls to our contact centers regardless of their source or destination and to retrieve recordings simply and efficiently while guaranteeing solution integrity and security for the benefit of both our staff and customers,” explained Mats Klasenius of Securitas.


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Highlights & Challenges

  • Secure and reliable

    Seamless call recording and retrieval for any call

  • Certification

    Fully certified interoperability with Microsoft UC

  • File integrity

    Digital signatures ensure integrity of recording files

  • Reduce costs

    Software-only solution reduces hardware and maintenance costs

"The AudioCodes SmartTAP professional services team assisted us throughout the process displaying a high level of responsiveness and willingness to ensure the solution met all our needs."

Mats Klasenius, Securitas


In conjunction with local systems integrator, Nethouse (, Securitas selected AudioCodes’ SmartTAP Call Recording solution, a decision based largely on AudioCodes’ global reputation for reliable and highly interoperable voice solutions, especially in Microsoft UC environments.

SmartTAP is a software-only solution that offers intuitive activation and retrieval of call recordings through a GUI-based management tool. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Lync and enables the recording of any call within the network regardless of the call’s source and destination. In a Lync environment, this means that calls made via the PSTN, SIP trunks and even between two Lync clients can be captured and stored for later retrieval.

With call recording required predominantly for compliance purposes, Securitas needed the solution to ensure a high degree of security and maintain data integrity. SmartTAP achieves this by adding a digital SSL signature to an exported recording file thereby guaranteeing that the file has not been tampered with.

Since call recording plays such a critical role in Securitas’s business, the company required that the solution could offer high levels of reliability and availability. As a completely software-only solution, SmartTAP was able to meet those requirements through its deployment in virtualized mode in Securitas’s fully redundant central datacenter.

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Securitas’s migration to SmartTAP call recording was completed in Q3 2014 and the system is now in full use enabling the company to record calls involving up to 500 of the company’s contact center agents and other users across its offices in Sweden and Norway. The success of the implementation has led to plans for the deployment to be replicated at the company’s other offices in Europe, initially, and then at other locations around the world.

Commenting on Securitas’s successful SmartTAP deployment, Mats Klasenius said, “We are delighted at the ease with which we were able to deploy SmartTAP and are confident that we will be able to repeat this success at other Securitas locations worldwide. The AudioCodes SmartTAP professional services team assisted us throughout the process displaying a high level of responsiveness and willingness to ensure the solution met all our needs.”

So impressed were the staff at Securitas with AudioCodes that the company decided to adopt other AudioCodes solutions within its Lync environment. The company now uses AudioCodes Lync-certified Mediant Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC), Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) and media gateway devices to provide reliable and seamless connectivity between Lync and its other telecommunications platforms and the PSTN.

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