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Flexible call recording for a private cloud Microsoft UC service


Founded in 2006, SIPCOM is a global cloud service provider (CSP) specializing in delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) that includes Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and mobile cloud solutions. With its head office in London and operating across seven data centers, SIPCOM currently has customers in 64 countries that span multiple industries and sizes.

As a global provider of voice services, SIPCOM offers a wide range of solutions to match the requirements of its varied customer base. One requirement that is often demanded by companies is call recording. There are several reasons why a company might need a call recording solution, such as regulatory compliance, customer service, quality control, dispute resolution and staff training. SIPCOM uses several call recording solutions with its cloud-based platforms.

With the increasing popularity of its SIPCOM Private Cloud Edition of Skype for Business (formerly Lync 2013) service, SIPCOM now needed to find a reliable and scalable call recording solution that would offer full compatibility with Microsoft UC and ensure interoperability with other legacy systems. To minimize maintenance costs, SIPCOM wanted to be able to remotely install, configure and administer the solution, limiting the need for on-site hardware and support. The key to a successful solution for SIPCOM would be an easily installed and maintained software-only solution that could be implemented and configured remotely by SIPCOM in a timely fashion.


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Highlights & Challenges

  • Call recording

    Finding a call recording solution with full Microsoft UC compatibility

  • From any source

    Ability to record calls from any source (SIP Trunk, Lync, Skype for Business, PSTN)

  • Virtualization support

    Support for virtualization

  • Investment protection

    Investment protection for companies migrating to Microsoft UC

"SmartTAP’s ability to record calls in any environment delivers investment protection for our customers during the critical transition period from traditional PBXs to Microsoft UC."

Daniel Allen, CEO at SIPCOM


SIPCOM was already familiar with AudioCodes’ solutions having deployed elements of AudioCodes’ unique One Voice for Microsoft Lync portfolio that includes a range of certified hardware and software solutions, as well as professional services and support. Included in the One Voice portfolio is AudioCodes’ SmartTAP passive call recording solution. Based on SIPCOM’s positive past experience with AudioCodes, the SIPCOM team assessed SmartTAP’s suitability for their needs and found that it met all their requirements.

SmartTAP is a software-only solution that offers intuitive activation and retrieval of call recordings through a GUI-based management tool. It is fully compatible with Microsoft UC and enables the recording of any call within the network regardless of the call’s source and destination. In a Lync environment, this means that calls made via the PSTN, SIP trunks and even between two Lync clients can be captured and stored for later retrieval.

Another advantage of SmartTAP was that it could be installed on a virtualized server at SIPCOM’s datacenter, sitting within the customer’s SIPCOM Private Cloud Edition of Skype for Business. A virtualized SmartTAP system meant that SIPCOM can offer a completely cloud-based solution for Lync and Skype for Business recording and other IP systems. Alternatively, should the customer prefer it, SmartTAP could be deployed as an on-premises solution using either SIPCOM, AudioCodes or customer-provided hardware.

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AudioCodes’ SmartTAP has provided SIPCOM with a powerful and highly flexible call recording solution that can be easily integrated into its hosted UC setup. The first SIPCOM customer to use the solution is up and running and several more customers are planning to follow suit in the near future. SmartTAP’s ease-of-use and flexibility mean that SIPCOM can offer it to its customers as part of its managed UC service, either hosted in the cloud or on-premises.

“SmartTAP’s ability to record calls in any environment delivers investment protection for our customers during the critical transition period from traditional PBXs to Microsoft UC,” explained Daniel Allen, CEO at SIPCOM. “SmartTAP’s flexibility ensures that our customers can continue to meet their regulatory requirements without the disruption of a ‘rip-and-replace’ upgrade.”

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