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Digital and Analog Media Gateways

Digital and Analog Media Gateways
  • Seamless integration with TDM PBXs and PSTN providers
  • Optional SBC Functionality
  • Extensive fax support
  • Seamless migration from TDM to SIP


The AudioCodes MediaPack and Mediant series of VoIP media gateways are cost-effective, stand-alone VoIP gateways that provide superior voice technology for connecting legacy telephones, fax machines and PBX systems with IP telephony networks and IP-based PBX systems. The hybrid devices in this series deliver SBC functionality.

The MediaPack Analog Gateway series includes the MediaPack 1xx series, the MediaPack 20x series, and the MediaPack 1288.

The Mediant Gateway series includes a range of robust analog and digital devices supporting a wide variety of service providers and enterprise applications.

All AudioCodes Digital and Analog Media Gateways are compatible with the Microsoft SIP Gateway to enable the direct integration of analog devices with Microsoft Teams Phone System.

Analog Gateway Features

  • Support for 2 to 288 ports
  • Rich set of subscriber calling features
  • Extensive fax support including T.38
  • Call survivability support ensuring telephony communication continuity during IP network failure
  • Leverage investment in existing analog telephone, modem and fax systems, simplifying VoIP migration

Digital Gateway Features

  • Support for 2 to 1,984 channels
  • Highly reliable IP communications platforms connecting VoIP and TDM networks
  • Rich and powerful SIP normalization, header manipulation and routing mechanism
  • Interoperability with market-leading softswitches, application servers, IP-PBXs, and other standards-based VoIP elements

Analog Gateways Comparison Table

MediaPack 20x 2/4 FXS voice ports
MediaPack 11x 2/4 FXS/FXO voice ports
MediaPack 5xx 2/4/8 FXS voice ports
MediaPack 124 24 FXS voice ports
MediaPack 1288 72/144/216/288 FXS voice ports

Digital Gateways Comparison Table

Model Max. Voice Channels Interface Resiliency Integrated SBC Integrated Router

Mediant 500L


Mediant 500




Mediant 800



Dual power supply

Mediant 1000

192 PRI, BRI, FXS/FXO Dual power supply -

Mediant 3100



Dual power supplies


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