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Live Cloud - Productivity-Enhancing Applications

Implement your UCaaS offering and customer engagement with a range of powerful applications for the hybrid workplace

Add-On Voice Applications for Live Cloud

The Live Cloud platform enables service providers to develop new revenue streams by offering their customers a range of productivity-enhancing UCaaS applications.

AI-Powered Meeting Productivity

Specially designed to elevate meeting productivity and team collaboration, providing an innovative in-meeting experience and post-meeting review with full integration with Microsoft Teams.

  • Elevates Microsoft Teams meeting productivity and team collaboration with an innovative in-meeting personal assistant and post-meeting review
  • Full meeting transcription, AI-generated meeting summaries, speaker identification and key-phrase detection
  • Fully integrated as a native application in the Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile clients

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Conversational IVR

Conversational Interaction Center and Conversational IVR solutions will seamlessly upgrade any business’s calling experience by integrating Voice.AI and voice networking technologies into Microsoft Teams.

  • Agile, AI-based conversational IVR solution
  • Instantly automates main-line call flows using simple, intuitive voice requests
  • Custom vocabulary support

Conversational Contact Center

Maintain reliable voice services and over-the-top innovation as you move to the cloud by bringing modern contact center capabilities to Microsoft Teams.

  • A modern contact center solution, tightly integrated with Microsoft Teams voice
  • Delivers a top-notch service experience for callers over existing Teams voice infrastructure


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Interaction Recording

A Microsoft-certified, fully secure enterprise compliance recording solution that enables organizations to capture and index any interaction in both external and internal communication channels.

  • Intelligent and secure Microsoft-certified enterprise interaction recording
  • Captures and indexes any customer or organizational interaction
  • Suitable for compliance, security, customer service and staff training purposes
  • Generate actionable insights through comprehensive voice analytics

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AudioCodes SmartTAP 360⁰ Live for Microsoft Teams

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