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AudioCodes Live Platform – Microsoft Teams Recording and Analytics Solutions

Capture every detail of your Microsoft Teams meetings for enhanced employee productivity

Interaction and Meeting Recording

Boost your business productivity and improve decision making throughout your whole organization. AudioCodes’ interaction recording and analytics solutions are based on our market-leading technologies and leverage the power of AI to ensure that every detail of your Microsoft Teams meetings and calls is captured and saved for future review and analysis.

AI Interaction Analytics

Boost meeting productivity and team collaboration with an innovative in-meeting experience and post-meeting review, fully integrated with Microsoft Teams. 

  • Capture, analyze and organize every Microsoft Teams meeting in your organization 
  • Base decisions on real insights from meetings, not hunches 
  • Focus on the conversation while AI records and shares meeting notes and summaries 
  • Review calls you couldn’t attend 

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Compliance Call Recording

A Microsoft-certified, secure enterprise compliance recording solution that enables organizations to capture and index any interaction in both external and internal communication channels. 

  • 360° capturing of company interactions including voice, video and IMs 
  • Record internal, external and mobile interactions with both remote and federated users 
  • Compliance-grade recording and regulation-specialized features 
  • Voice analytics for quality monitoring and staff training 

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