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Work from Anywhere

Enable seamless calling with superior voice quality for agents working outside of the office

  • Facilitates seamless WFH
  • Integrated with AudioCodes products
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Highly secured solution


AudioCodes supports contact centers who want their agents to be able to work from anywhere, including from home or other remote locations. Although desk SIP phones generally represent the most intuitive, integrated and robust solution, and offer superior acoustics, some organizations are unable to invest their resources in additional devices.

In such cases, contact centers can deploy the AudioCodes WebRTC solution. This comprises a feature-rich, highly secure WebRTC gateway, fully integrated with AudioCodes market-leading SBCs, along with a dedicated WebRTC client SDK.


  • Delivers superb voice quality
  • Highly secure
  • Superior customer experience
  • Straightforward to monitor, analyze and manage


  • The only WebRTC gateway with full SBC integration
  • Easy recording with the standard SIPREC protocol
  • Can be implemented as appliance, or as a virtual SBC on private and public clouds
  • Advanced SIP manipulations and media transcoding for true interoperability
  • Fully integrated with AudioCodes’ management and monitoring tools
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