Phone Number Connector (PNC)

Phone Number Connector (PNC)

Voice Up Your Bot

  • Instant voice channel for textual bots Instant voice channel for textual bots
  • Built-in STT/TTS capabilities Built-in STT/TTS capabilities


Phone Number Connector (PNC) is AudioCodes’ newest SaaS solution offering companies and developers an instant telephony-to-bot connection.

The solution is based on Voice.AI Gateway technology, turning single-channel textual chatbots to omnichannel conversational ones. By using voice, the most intuitive form of human communication, companies and developers can give their bots a unique personality and their customers a natural, everyday, automated calling experience.

With its user-friendly, self-service portal, PNC users can acquire online an unlimited amount of phone numbers, and immediately integrate them to multiple services or bot frameworks – with just a single click.


Why PNC?

  • Instant voice channel addition to any textual bot
  • User-friendly, self-service online portal
  • All phone numbers can be acquired online
  • Offers available phone numbers in US and UK

Technical Highlights

  • Supports multiple bot frameworks
  • Built-in STT/ TTS capabilities via Azure and Google
  • Enables activation of several bots from various providers under the same PNC account
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