Digital and Analog Media Gateways

Mediant 8000

16,000 channels

High performance

Carrier-grade availability

Comprehensive redundancy

Mediant 8000

Highly reliable connectivity between legacy TDM networks and VoIP networks.

  • Carrier-grade availability Carrier-grade availability
  • Supports 16,000 channels per shelf Supports 16,000 channels per shelf
  • NEBS Level 3 compliant NEBS Level 3 compliant
  • High performance High performance


The AudioCodes Mediant 8000 media gateway offers highly reliable connectivity between TDM and VoIP networks. Supporting up to 16,000 protected channels in a 12U platform, the Mediant 8000 offers high performance and carrier-grade availability for wireline, wireless, cable, broadband access and fixed mobile convergence networks.

The Mediant 8000’s robust architecture meets service providers’ stringent requirements for service continuity, thanks to its NEBS Level 3 certification and comprehensive redundancy scheme.


  • Media gateway blades, power supplies, processing resources, Ethernet switch blades and optical PSTN interfaces are N+1 redundant and hot swappable for service continuity


  • Suitable for up to 16,000 channels per shelf
  • IMS-compliant support for fixed-mobile converged (FMC) networks


Max. Voice Channels
  • 16,128 protected channels – supporting TDM links
  • 8 OC-3/STM-1 optical link
  • Up to 24 DS3 electrical links
  • Up to 252 E1/T1/J1 trunks
LAN Interfaces Dual Redundant 100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports
Physical Dimensions (W) 483 mm, (D) 480 mm, (H) 533 mm
  • Dual redundant power supply
  • -48 V DC Dual Feed, with 3 DC Power modules
  • System Controller and Ethernet Switch blades: 1+1
  • Power supplies: N+1 Load Shared
  • Media Gateway blades (including PSTN interfaces): N+1
  • Optical Interfaces (PSTN): 1+1, APS protected
  • NEBS Certification: Level 3
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