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Work from Home Agents

Deliver excellent customer service with work-from-home agents​

  • No special equipment required – just a PC & a headset
  • Fully Secured - mTLS Authentication plus Signaling & Media Encryption
  • Toll Grade Internet Voice Quality – even under peak loads
  • High packet rate media outside VPN to prevent VPN headend overload


COVID-19 has changed how we interact with the world for many of us. Where possible we’re told to isolate and self-quarantine.  Call Center Agents working from home has almost instantly gone from a special case to a general solution.  How to get there from here? 

AudioCodes has an easy to deploy solution that leverages the Opus codec for toll quality audio over the unmanaged internet, even at peak load times.  

The solution includes an SBC for Opus transcoding combined with a Voice Quality Monitoring tool to ensure quality and performance goals are met. End to end security is assured with Mutual TLS Authentication plus Media & Signaling Encryption. 

Finally the Solution provides a trio of endpoint options:

WebRTC EndPoint, Agent DeskTop SoftPhone, and AudioCodes HardPhone


  • Opus vocoder provides premise grade Voice Quality over the Internet, even at peak loads
  • WebRTC EndPoint runs in a WebBrowser, eliminating PC compatibility and software deployment concerns and issues
  • Applicable to any Contact Center or PBX/UC Application
  • End to End Security based on TLS/SRTP authentication & encryption


  • Opus Transcoding available in virtual configurations up to 6000 Opus Transcodes in an SBC cluster as well as low footprint appliance models
  • WebRTC GW/SBC Integration provides simplified network deployment, protecting the WebRTC GW with the application level protection of the SBC vs the data layer role the firewall is limited to
  • WebRTC EndPoint requires no special hardware, applications, or configuration at Agent end - just a PC and a WebBrowser
  • Media Separation from the DeskTop VPN preventing high packet rate RTP traffic from overwhelming the Data Center VPN head end.
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