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Migration Services to Microsoft Teams

Expert consultancy and professional services to simplify and accelerate your journey to Microsoft Teams for true unified communications​

Microsoft Teams is growing rapidly as an enterprise collaboration and unified communications (UC) platform. But it’s not just about the technology. Full migration to Teams needs to be linked to the organization’s strategic vision for team productivity and carefully mapped out with a detailed user adoption plan to ensure that the benefits of Teams UC are fully realized. Microsoft Teams is growing rapidly as an enterprise collaboration and unified communications (UC) platform.
AudioCodes Migration Service to Microsoft Teams is a flexible service to help enterprises quickly and effectively migrate to Teams. From helping design your UC vision and budget planning to detailed technical and configuration guidance, user adoption planning and more, it delivers everything an enterprise needs to migrate to Teams.

AudioCodes Consultancy and Professional Services experts engage with you through each stage of your journey to Teams - plan, implement, operate - with a custom migration plan designed for the specific needs of your business, ensuring a seamless transition for your organization and your people.


Consultative Listening​

Custom, Individualized
Migration Plans​

Available via AudioCodes
Partners & Service Providers

Expert support throughout your journey
to Microsoft Teams



    Design & Plan&In the Design & Planning phase, we determine the right solution and best practices for your project to ensure an optimal migration to Teams.

    We start with listening carefully, with a Discovery Workshop to explore your objectives, working practices (office, home, remote), meeting preferences, user personas, existing UC environment (including PBX and analog devices) and cloud strategy. We then work with you to design your UC vision, budget plan, project plan and user adoption plan. You start your journey to Teams with a well-defined Proof of Concept (POC) to demonstrate the value and learn from user experiences to guide the user adoption playbook and adjust the final, detailed deployment plans for your organization.

    Implement This phase includes project management and implementation services, all delivered by AudioCodes experts.​

    AudioCodes experienced project managers work hand in hand with you to implement the agreed migration plan, focused on deploying Microsoft Teams on time, at the highest quality and on budget.

    AudioCodes skilled engineers set-up, configure and commission the service remotely or on-site, verifying functionality as per the plan and ensuring that users are onboarded effectively.


    Operate Your journey to Microsoft Teams is well underway, with AudioCodes experts by your side as you move into the operate phase.

    User adoption is critical in this phase to realise the full productivity benefits of Teams UC. Through training and support services we provide user-focused “hyper care” to encourage user adoption and drive a successful migration.

    To support ongoing operations, the AudioCodes service team can also provide ongoing management, moves/adds/changes, service monitoring, technical support and hardware replacement services.

    All designed to optimise your Microsoft Teams experience and align with your executive vision on desired benefits / outcomes.


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