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Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business

AudioCodes One Voice for Microsoft 365 - a comprehensive product and services offering for cloud, hybrid and on-premises

  • Microsoft Teams complete managed service​
  • Microsoft-certified video and voice product portfolio​
  • One support hotline for all video and voice aspects​
  • Migration and consulting services


Considering Microsoft Teams? With AudioCodes you have all the services, products and solutions needed to bring voice and video collaboration to your organization.

AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams is a portfolio of managed services that removes complexity from the integration of Teams collaboration, unified communications and enterprise telephony. It provides a seamless, rapid and cost-effective migration to Teams for high quality voice and video collaboration. This fully managed service is complemented by devices-as-a-service, monitoring and management tools, and service enhancing applications. AudioCodes Live is also available through our global network of telecom and Microsoft 365 partners. 

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AudioCodes One Voice for Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive portfolio of products enabling IT professionals and systems integrators build large and powerful Microsoft Teams solutions. With networking products (including Session Border Controllers (SBC), gateways, branch appliances), business phones and video rooms devices, network management tools (One Voice Operations Center and AudioCodes Routing Manager), and a suite of business productivity applications (call recording, Meeting Insights, IVR) and more. 

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Unparalleled innovation, product portfolio and services offering


AudioCodes Live Essentials on Azure for Microsoft Teams

What Is AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams?

AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams - Ultimate solution for the hybrid workplace

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