Voca Call Automation

Voca Call Automation

Voice Automation Solutions for Enterprises

  • Domain-specific Voice Recognition expertise Domain-specific Voice Recognition expertise
  • Built-in telephony integration Built-in telephony integration
  • Smart Calling experience Smart Calling experience


AudioCodes Voca Call Automation solutions were designed for the organizational world, with both employee communication and customer service experience in mind.

The Voca solutions offer advanced voice recognition capabilities that can instantly automate internal communication and incoming customer service calls. The solutions combine unique AudioCodes expertise in Voice.AI and Voice Networking technologies.

All solutions showcase AudioCodes’ proprietary, state-of-the-art Voice.AI technology, tailored to understand and master custom organizational vocabularies – such as contact names, departments, job titles, product names and organizational services, typically exclusive to each individual organization.

With Voca, companies can seamlessly and instantly automate and upgrade their internal and external calling experience using the most simple, accessible and intuitive form of communication – voice.

Why Voca?

  • Proprietary Deep Neural Network engine based on AI architecture with high accuracy
  • Unique expertise in voice recognition of custom organizational vocabulary
  • Off-the-shelf solutions combining Voice.AI and telephony capabilities under a single offering
  • Self-service web management interface with extensive call analytics
  • Smart Calling Automation capabilities

Technical Highlights

  • Full support in Hebrew, English (US), German and Spanish (US, Spain and Multi-dialect) - with a wide coverage of dialects and accents
  • Available for easy cloud-based integration or on-premise deployment
  • Seamless integration with any existing PBX or IVR system (IP or Analog)
  • Automatic database synchronization with Active Directory or CSV
  • Fully-secured and data protected, GDPR-compliant
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