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SmartTAP 360° Live

SmartTAP 360° Live
Enterprise Interactions Recording & Capturing Solution Now Supporting Microsoft Teams
SmartTAP 360° Live
  • 360° capturing of company interactions including voice, video and IMs
  • Supports internal, external and mobile interactions from both remote and federated users
  • Compatible with Microsoft Teams
  • Compliance-grade recording and regulation-specialized features

360° Enterprise Interactions Recording for Microsoft Teams

AudioCodes SmartTAP 360⁰ Live is an intelligent, fully-secured enterprise compliance-recording solution, allowing companies to capture and index any customer or organizational interactions across both external and internal communication channels.

Companies using Microsoft Teams can seamlessly apply SmartTAP 360° Live to record all voice, video and IMs interactions for later-stage AI analysis and for meeting regulatory compliance demands.

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AudioCodes SmartTAP 360⁰ Live for Microsoft Teams

Milton Keynes University Hospital Case Study

SmartTAP 360° Live – Now on Microsoft Teams

SmartTAP 360° Live - An interactions recording solution for today’s business challenges

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Advanced Key Compliance Features

  • Manual pause/resume for real-time PCI compliance recording
  • Integrated announcement server with opt-out capability for MiFID II compliance
  • Dedicated deletion and retention policies with local (national) storage capabilities for GDPR Compliance
  • Audit trail enables digital signatures and authentication of all recordings for E-Discovery Compliance

Deployable in no-time

  • Fully compatible and seamlessly integrated to any Microsoft Teams environment
  • Supports multiple call types including internal, external and mobile calls, with as well as remote interactions with federated users
  • Connect to conference servers, Edge, front-end servers and more using the SmartTAP 360° Live plugins
  • Interactions recordings can be stored locally on-premise

Compliance Recording vs. Native Collaboration Features

Features SmartTAP 360⁰ Compliance Recording Collaboration Players

Rule-based Centralized Access & Recording


Automatic System Recording - Supports All Call Types


On-premise Local Storage


Pre-defined Retention/Editing/Deletion Policies


Quality Monitoring & Management - With silent live monitoring support


Permission-based Stop Recording


REST API for analytics services

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