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Meetings and Recording

Enhance Collaboration and Productivity With AudioCodes Meeting Experience

  • Network & device management
  • Enterprise-grade compliance and collaboration recording
  • Telephony and room devices
  • Centralized AI company meeting platform


Meetings are an important strategic asset that provide a unique space for sharing information, reaching decisions and raising ideas. With today’s hybrid nature of workspaces, companies are faced with a whole new set of challenges, handling a rich mixture of meeting scenarios – both simple and complex.

From voice network management, through a streamlined high-quality voice experience with telephony and meeting devices, all the way to a centralized company meeting platform powered by AI  the AudioCodes Meeting Experience is here to help companies nurture collaboration and turn it to everlasting productivity. 


  • Share important information, nurture collaboration and enhance workplace productivity
  • State-of-the-art voice recording quality ensures that every detail is captured for easy retrieval
  • Built-in editing and customization capabilities for personalized tailoring to any enterprise
  • Seamless compatibility with any Microsoft Teams environment

Technical Highlights

  • Next-generation Voice.AI and Speech-to-text capabilities
  • Supports multiple call types including internal, external and mobile calls, including in-room and remote sources
  • Compliance-grade recording and regulation-specialized features
  • Secured storage locally on-premise or using any cloud service


AudioCodes SmartTAP 360⁰ Live for Microsoft Teams

AudioCodes Meeting Insights

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