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One-screen, AI-first Contact Center Experience Built for Microsoft Teams

Voca brings CX capabilities to departments beyond the contact center. Providing agents with real-time access to back-office experts to help improve responsiveness, remove department silos and build connection among employees.

Bring Every Microsoft Teams User into the Service Workflow

Your main service desk receives a lot of calls, but so do your internal business lines (IT HelpDesk, HR/Recruiting Team, Security Team, Travel Desk, Sales Team, and more). Voca spreads customer experience capabilities like intelligent routing, voicemail, IVR, queuing, to every department all while using Microsoft Teams as your UC.

  • Certified Voca is a certified Microsoft Teams contact center solution
  • Intelligent Built-in Conversational AI with 14 supported languages
  • Unique Native Azure-based agent & supervisor app using the Teams calling infrastructure and client platform
  • Lightweight Fills the gap between Teams contact center capabilities and a premium contact center vendor

Automation designed with your agents and callers in mind.

Combined Conversational AI

Pre-integrated Natural Language Understanding, Speech-to-Text, and Text-to-Speech allowing customers a fundamental way to connect —through voice.

No-code Flow Design with APIs & SDKs

Automate any calling scenario with logical functions and API requests for real-time data dips into a powerful no-code call flow designer.

CRM Connection

Integrate your CRM data with a Conversational IVR call flow to automate data collection into CRM and personalize caller experiences with customer information like open tickets, prescription renewals, purchase history, etc.

Intelligent routing that fits any scenario.

Skill-based Routing

Create unlimited skills and route calls to your most knowledgeable agents based on caller requests.

Define Overflow Thresholds

Meet your service levels by automating actions upon max wait times and calls in queue.

Multi-platform Queuing

Reach any employee or destination in any voice environment by using Voca to route calls, even during migration.

One-app, one-screen contact center experience.

Sits Natively in Microsoft Teams Voice

Enjoy Microsoft Teams calling infrastructure, media quality, encryption, and security, with a unified interface for all your agents.

Onboard Agents Quickly with Familiar Features

MS Teams presence status, dedicated call controls, integrated CRM data and embedded windows, and customized wrap-up events.

No Agent Limitations

A limitless number of agents and supervisors can log in as Teams users to the Voca Worker Application.

Get knowledge into your desk's performance.

See The Details That Matter to You

View reports like top requested IVR destinations & contacts, queue activity, customer drill-down, call volume, and transfer rates.

Open A Window into Your Customer’s Experience

A real-time dashboard provides an instant look at pending calls, abandonment stats, average wait times and agent status so you can act fast to maintain service levels.

Multi-tenancy for Multi-site Orgs. and Service Providers

Split multiple Voca services across multiple tenants each with its own secured access for management and reporting. Backed by GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

Turn Microsoft Teams into a single pane of glass for your agents’ communication and collaboration efforts.

Back-office Experts

Staff from IT, Product, Logistics, Marketing and even R&D, who provide a detailed solution to a customer issue.

Internal Agents

Those situated in the IT Helpdesk, Travel Desk, Security Team, Sales Team, etc. who provide ongoing service to individuals in and out of the organization.

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Here are the multiple ways you can apply Voca.



Choose your option:

Microsoft Teams Native
Contact Center

Provide the full service experience your callers need on the main service desk as well as internal departments — IT, HR and more.

Available and
Certified for Microsoft Teams.

Includes features from Conversational Auto-Attendant and IVR


  • Skill-based routing
  • Queue overflow for max. call in queue, max. wait time, all agents logged out
  • Longest Available, Round robin, Serial and Broadcast routing methods
  • VIP priority routing
  • Teams-based Agent Desktop application
  • Native integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Built-in call controls
  • CRM screen pop-up
  • Customizable Not-Ready and Wrap-up events
  • Conversational IVR Agent Assist transcripts
  • Controllable Caller ID for outbound calls
  • Missed calls view
  • On the fly Reskilling and requeuing
  • Real-time supervisor control over agent statuses
  • Agent groups
  • In-app real-time queue analytics
  • Real-time dashboard with custom thresholds
  • Agent activity, states and abandonments analytics
  • Scheduled reports
  • GDPR & HIPAA compliant
  • Microsoft Teams Certified
  • Automatic recording (Full time, Record on demand, Save on demand)
  • All modalities (MS Teams audio, video, desktop sharing, IM)
  • Live monitoring of agents
  • Data localization encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Speech analytics with word categorization & sentiment analysis

Self-Service IVR

With built-in Conversational AI and an API extension, you can automate any service scenario in the world.

Available in any voice platform and
certified for Microsoft Teams.

Includes features from Conversational Auto-Attendant

  • Free speech transcription
  • Keyword-based speech inputs
  • Prebuilt Speech Entities (digits, alphanumeric strings, time and date)
  • Dynamic Text-to-speech
  • Integration with any CRM, DB
  • Triggering of Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate flows
  • Get/Post REST API request
  • Supports headers and parameters
  • HTTPs support
  • API Request timers
  • Visual flow designer
  • Parametric SMS triggering
  • DTMF menus and digit collection
  • Generate DTMF
  • Route to contacts, departments and call queues
  • Send to voicemail
  • Present call info to Voca agent desktop
  • Conditions
  • Switching
  • Counter
  • Set variable
  • Built-in debugger


Harness Natural Language Understanding to seamlessly reach any company contact or department.

Available in any voice platform and
certified for Microsoft Teams.



  • Supports 14 language options
  • Built-in Speech-to-text, Natural Language Understanding, and Text-to-speech
  • Accommodates unique vocabulary (contact and product names, locations, and departments)
  • Automatic handling of duplicate contacts
  • Confidence thresholds
  • Support for aliases
  • DTMF fallbacks
  • Speech or DTMF inputs in parallel
  • Microsoft Teams Presence-based Routing
  • Multi-platform Attendant Transfer
  • Call hunting across user’s devices
  • In-platform voicemail and missed call notifications
  • Working hours & Holidays
  • Top requested Contacts & Departments
  • IVR & Call Queue Analytics
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Role-based access
  • Automatic sync with Active Directory
  • CSV import/export


Yes, Voca is certified by Microsoft! This means Microsoft has reviewed and tested Voca to ensure the solution passes security and quality standards set per Microsoft guidelines. Microsoft leverages a variety of industry best practices to help assure confidence that enterprise organizations’ data and privacy are secured, protected, and compliant.



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