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Success Stories

"We measure our success based on the success of our customers. Nothing else." - Shabtai Adlersberg, CEO and founder

  • JFK Health

    JFK Health USA

    "SmartTAP makes it easier to search and locate call recordings and offers better audio quality on playback."

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    The POLYPLASTIC Group Russia

    "There is no question that the SEM helps save operational time and optimizes the quality of the VoIP network."

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  • Salmat

    Salmat Australia

    "AudioCodes’ media gateway provides us with excellent voice quality, while helping us to simplify network management and reduce our operating expenditure."

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  • Western Growers

    Western Growers USA

    "You’d want to make sure you use a quality vendor like AudioCodes, so that if you have a problem you have experienced people behind you."

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  • Mainio Vire

    Mainio Vire Finland

    "AudioCodes’ E-SBC has helped us immensely in achieving a smooth migration to Microsoft Lync."

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  • Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

    Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Germany

    "Freudenberg’s selection of AudioCodes solutions was critical to its Lync implementation strategy."

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  • Belgacom

    Belgacom Belgium

    "AudioCodes’ great experience of developing and deploying field-proven VoIP solutions was critical in providing us with a solution that would meet our technical requirements."

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  • Allen Independent School District

    Allen Independent School District USA

    "Completing AudioCodes network voice readiness assessment gave our IT staff and me the confidence to move forward with our Lync deployment."

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  • Telmex

    Telmex Mexico

    "The robustness, flexibility, and smooth adaptation of SIP stacks and transcoding that AudioCodes' solution delivered allowed Telmex to take advantage of all the benefits that Microsoft’s UC platform brings to our IP-PBX infrastructure users."

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